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Beta | Focus Group | THANK YOU!

Thank you!

To our Focus Group Members - Let's Grow Together

We've left the original instructions at the top of this page for your reference.

Please see our playback video's posted for your reference below.

We are very excited to have you be apart of our official Beta Test / learning group.

As a member of this group you will gain access to PRINTgenie FREE for 60 days. After that, you are welcome to stay on as a subscriber at 25% off.

You have two options when registering:

Basic User

PRO User

• You can see the benefits of both on the website under the Pricing tab.  You decide what you want to do. Either package will work for this group.

• If you sign up as a PRO, you can't downgrade later, but as a Basic user, you can upgrade.

• As a PRO, you can resell PRINTgenie and earn 50% as an affiliate. To get estate agent profiles click here.

There are two main reasons for this Focus Group

1. To learn about PRINTgenie and share your knowledge and experience with one another.

2. To provide feedback to PRINTgenie 

This is a stress free and fun environment. I am hoping to learn from you as much as you are with us. 
I'm encouraging you to explore and test PRINTgenie. I'm hoping that we all walk away from this with new friends and perspectives on how to better communicate with new marketing tools.

2 Required Action Steps

1. Sign up for PRINTgenie account. 

Sign up by clicking here:

(It is FREE for 60 days. It is your responsibility to cancel before the time is up or you will be charged.) - If you stay on, you can simply contact us and request to keep your subscription. We'll apply a 25% off code to your account.  Simply eMail with your request.

2. Provide Feedback -

We want to know how to improve. We're human and make mistakes. We all learn together when you offer your suggestions.

• Please report any bugs

• Let us know of any features you'd like to have.

• What is confusing or difficult?

• What is easy?

Fill out the form below and let us know how you really feel.  We'll keep it anonymous! You can fill it out over and over again... We'll read all replies. Get our support.

Thanks again for participating in our Focus Group.

Andy Detwiler | CEO | Founder PRINTgenie | GoBig Printing

Dynamic Data Focus Group

Driving 4 $'s Focus Group

Tell us how you really feel! - PLEASE, don't hold back

You are participating in beta test of PRINTgenie.
We want and need feedback.  We want to know where the bugs are!

You can also tell us what you like and don't like. It's OK! Don't hold back!
We won't share your findings.

We're asking for your name & number in case we have any questions.

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