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Ordering Campaigns

Learn how to upload lists, buy lists and order campaigns from your dashboard


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PRO Admin

As a PRO you can build your own postcards, letters & campaigns. You can duplicate ours and make your own. Learn how to set up your account so you can build templates & campaigns, use and share them.


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Direct Mail Template Builder

This is a "PRO" feature. 
Learn how to use our direct mail template builder and make your own postcards and letters.

Mobile App - Driving For Dollars

Search and find any homeowners information by simply clicking on a map, then instantly send any Postcard, Letter or Multichannel campaign.

DPV - Delivery Point Validation

Delivery Point Validation™ (DPV®) is the process of verifying that an address is actually deliverable, meaning that mail can...


Learn how to "Zap" a Single Template or a Multi-Touch campaign.

Upload Your Data List

"Upload a .CSV file & create a list"

See "Ordering Campaigns" Video & select:

1 Address per record

2 Addresses per record

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Click on "membership."

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