"Dynamic Data & Automated Follow Up Drip Sequences" 

The ridiculously simply way to set your marketing on auto-pilot

Instantly Trigger Drip Campaigns From Your Phone or Dashboard or CRM

The power of 1. Trigger automation with your Data or CRM solution
Say Goodbye to 
Uploading lists, Minimums.
Say Hello to Automation!

It's never easy to manage your marketing while your doing the heavy lifting of running a business. In just a few clicks you can schedule your automations with our zapier integration.
Send a Postcard, Letter, or Multi Channel campaign!

No minimums! - Send as little as 1

zapier integration with PRINTgenie

Sending a single Postcard, Letter, or complete Multi-Touch Drip Campaign is easy with our zapier integration.

Simply select your source CRM, form, email or 1500 other apps available on zapier and trigger your PRINTgenie account.

Now you can build Direct Mail Templates, eMails, Text Messages or entire campaigns using our PRINTgenie suite of tools and simply zap any of them with our easy zapier connection.

Send Single Template

Through this Zapier action you can send a Mail Template (Postcard/Letter) to a Single Contact. All PRINTgenie Templates will be available to choose from. This Zap will instantly Print and Mail the chosen Template to the user’s mailing address.

Send Campaign

Through this Zap action you can send a Campaign. Contact/Mailing list(s) are pre-assigned to Campaigns. A list can be assigned to multiple Campaigns. 
Once a contact is added, PRINTgenie will automatically trigger the campaigns that you may have associated with the selected Contact/Mailing list.

Trigger Campaigns based on Delta Change

Select from 200+ criteria points to create a precise list that is always up to date. Automatically trigger a single or multi-touch campaign instantly.


  • Include sms Text & eMail messages to quickly contact motivated home owner.

  • Schedule as many follow up campaigns and intervals as you wish.

  • Your marketing communication is relevant and timely giving you a head start on your competition.

    *Requires 3rd party. Contact PRINTgenie for details.

"Set it and Forget it! ... I literally set up my data filter and picked my farming area in 15 minutes. It triggers and sends my campaign while I'm sleeping! Now I average about 10-15 new leads per day."

Leslie K, Atlanta, GA

Automate Direct Mail and Multichannel Campaigns for less than a cup of coffee.
Without Spending Thousands on Bad Leads!

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