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What would you win on a gameshow, if you could choose all three doors’ worth of prizes, or open all the suitcases to see what’s inside? Let’s think about it…there’s a pretty good chance you’d win the best price, right? You’d definitely go home a winner! Your odds are always less if you have to choose just one. That’s how life works. Yet, some choose to only use one form of marketing media to send their message. Why, oh why, would you limit your odds of winning?!?

For over two decades I’ve counseled clients to stay open to using several forms of marketing, if not more. This is like being able to open ALL the suitcases, or open ALL the doors. Websites, Social, Email, Postcards, Letters, Texts, Print…the list goes on. The more you can manage effectively, the better. Then, test them out and keep the ones that make the most sense. The rule of thumb is, your message and branding need to be consistent throughout the different forms. Make sure they all have the same “voice”, and sound like you. Do your best to allow them to reference each other and work in tandem.

Your Homework

You didn't think you were getting off that easily, did you? While you’re winding down this evening, I want you to perform a little exercise that will help you understand the need for these different types of media in your marketing plan. Write down five of your closest friends, then add next to each one the type of media that would capture their attention the most…and why. “Mary — Letter — She loves to handwrite letters to her friends.” or “John — Text — He is constantly texting.” You get the idea. When you’re done, go back and look over this quick list you just wrote. Imagine your mailing list, and all your prospects’ communication preferences. The more ways you communicate with them, the more doors will open…just like game show doors or suitcases! WINNER, WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER! Read this article too.


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