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Multi-Touch Campaigns

No secrets here... There's no better way to communicate with someone than sending authentic relationship building material. Now you can do it so easily - From your phone, desktop or CRM.


It's super powerful to be able to send one person a series of Postcards, Letters, Text & eMail messages. It takes up to 7 touches to get someone's attention. Now you can send multi-touch campaigns to as little as one person. Or, simply upload your farm and auto-drip campaigns.

Sending mail over time will quadruple your response rates.

We have pre-built campaigns for you. We work with the industry's best copywriters and designers for optimum response. You don't have to do anything but click a few buttons and your campaign is on its way to as little as one person. 


Feeling bold? Make your own!
We give you the tools to make your own campaigns and set your own intervals. It's up to you...   Be a PRO and make your own.


Our minimum is just 1. Send it from your phone, trigger it from your CRM - Or upload a list and send bulk.

I used to do all of this by hand. Now I set up my campaigns each quarter - then, set it and forget it.

 - Jerome C, San Diego, CA

Details of 4 Touch Pre-foreclosure Campaign 

Current list of campaigns available

  • 2 Touch | Buying Houses Generic

  • 2 Touch | Cash Buyers

  • 3 Touch | Distressed Seller

  • 2 Touch | Foreclosure

  • 4 Touch | Absentee Owner - Out of State

  • 4 Touch | Buying Houses Generic

  • 4 Touch | Equity Owners >30% equity

  • 4 Touch | HAMP Loan Mods

  • 4 Touch | Pre-foreclosure (NOD)

  • 5 Touch | Probates

  • 6 Touch | Distressed Seller

  • Driving For Dollars | 3 Touch

  • Driving For Dollars | 6 Touch

4 Touch | Pre-foreclosure (NOD)

This campaign consists of:
• Postcard:  FInal Notice - Mini - 01
• Letter:  Foreclosure - Letter - SS - 04 - PG
• Postcard:  Distressed Seller - Postcard - 02 - PG
• Letter:  Foreclosure - Letter - SS - 06 - PG
• 4 Text Messages
• 4 Email Messages


Each Direct Mail piece is followed by a Text and eMail message
This is a 4 Month Campaign


Estimate per contact: (Tier 1- 500)
Basic User:
PRO User:

What is this campaign good for?

In Foreclosure - Whether or not the property is considered to be currently in foreclosure. In Foreclosure includes properties that are currently in one of the following stages of foreclosure: Pre-foreclosure (have recently had a notice of default  filed and have not yet been sold or had a notice of trustee sale filed); Auction (A notice of trustee sale has been filed, and the sale has not yet been held or cancelled); or the property is Bank Owned (foreclosure sale was  held, but did not receive any bids and the property is now bank owned and has  not yet been resold).

Each Text, eMail and Direct Mail element is written in a sequence so each message reminds the home seller that you are truly interested in buying their property and that you've previously reached out to them.

We use an authentic approach to communicating where-as it seems like you're only mailing it to them.

 - Set it, and Forget it.

100's of Postcards & Letters

We have pre-made 100's of Postcards & Letters. Gain access to our library of Real Estate Investor Direct Mailers. You can duplicate any of them and make them your own. Then, they're instantly available for you to use via your Phone, Zapier & API Integration, or Desktop application.

Simply select any mailer and Send to a List, or Send to 1 Contact.

Make your own!

Using our easy drag and drop tool, simply clone any of ours or make your own!

Personalizing them is simple too. We give you all the Mail Merge Variables you'll need such as: Property Site Address, Owners Name & all the other fields you'd want to captivate your recipient.

We also  give you the ability to place a Photo Box anywhere, on any Postcard or Letter. Then, the photo you take will appear wherever you want it to! Great for Driving For Dollars.

For over 17 years we've been leading the industry in creating highly responsive direct mail for Real Estate Investors. Coaches and over 60,000 investors have been trusting us since 2004.


Add as little as one name to any campaign!

" LOVE IT.... I made my own Postcard with a Street View in under 10 minutes... Total Control over my marketing!!!

 - Steve E, Los Angeles, CA

From your phone!

From your desktop!

Sample Campaign | 3 Month
Sent to 1 person: $2.02
Month 1
Month 2
Month 3
Did you see that?
Sample Campaign | 6 Month
Sent to 1 person: $4.02
Month 1
Month 2
Month 3
Month 4
Month 5
Month 6

Dozens of email Scripts

We've been writing copy for Real Estate Investors for almost two decades. We learned long ago that it is much better to give our clients something to start with, then let them customize it to make it sound like their own voice.

It's so easy to add any Mail Merge you want.

Simply drag and drop and your eMail becomes personal and responsive


Set up a series of eMails... Include a Mailer in the mix...

Making & adding eMail templates could not be easier. You have removed all the hassles of sending eMail.

 - Dave B, Charleston, SC

Text Messages Made easy

Text messaging is a very powerful tool. We don't blast a lot of text messages around here. Our philosophy is to send a few text messages during a campaign. We like to send a single Text and eMail message after we send a mailer.  We'll usually say something like... "I just sent you a letter. I hope you have received it. We'd love to help you and possibly buy your house"

We like to keep things authentic. Creating your own sms Text message is easy. You can start from scratch or duplicate any of ours.

It's packed with all the merge tags you'd want!  Go ahead.. Text away!

You have one amazing system here. I'm blown away. I always check in to see what else you have that I may have missed... You guys are rocket scientists... 

 - Bob M, Seattle, WA

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