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Search any property owner's details, snap a photo or send a campaign

Driving For Dollars

"Marketing in your pocket"

No Minimums


Driving for dollars in any industry is a breeze. Simply click on any property to see the owner's details. With just a click you can find their phone number and email.

  • Send a single Postcard or Letter.

  • Take a photo and send a photo postcard or letter.

  • Use Google Street View's Photo.

  • Send a multi-channel campaign that includes direct mail, text and email.

  • Add any name to a list.

  • Add any name to a list and deploy a campaign.

  • Unlimited owner lookups.

  • Skip Trace for only .59

  • Postcards start at $.43ea.

  • Letters start at $.76 (FC mail)

No minimums. Simply add as little as one and an entire campaign can run for as long as you wish.


Add as little as one name to any campaign!


Sending multichannel communications over time is the only way to get a qualified response!

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Driving for dollars is a term used to describe the act of driving around neighborhoods and looking for properties that may be in need of repair, have a high potential for appreciation, or are potentially available for sale or investment. It is a common strategy used by real estate investors, especially those who are looking for distressed properties or those that may be undervalued.


When driving for dollars, an investor will typically look for visual signs of disrepair, such as broken windows, overgrown grass, or peeling paint, as well as other indicators that a property may be a good investment opportunity. This can include looking for properties that are located in desirable areas or that have features such as a pool or a large yard.


Investors who engage in driving for dollars may also look for properties that have been vacant for an extended period of time, as these may be more likely to be available for purchase.

Step #1
Search or select any property

Search and find any U.S. property

Simply stand in front of any property in the United States and we'll show you the Property's details. Our GPS will know exactly where you are. Simply drag the pin anywhere you wish.

If you prefer, simply type in the address in the search bar. Only the street number and name are required. We'll know the rest of the address.

For your convenience, we'll show you either a "Hybrid" view or "Satellite" view.

We'll automatically show you the property street view to confirm it's what you are looking for. Simply "Confirm Address" to see more details.


Owner details are just a click away

PRINTgenie has over 190 million US addresses available for you to search. With the click of a button we'll give you complete details on the following criteria.

Property Location

Property Details

Property Structure

Property Value

Property Taxes

No longer do you have to search the county recorders office or pay for data. Simply click and view all the details of the property.

*Note - If the property is not lived in by the owner, we'll search their contact and mailing information. We call these properties "Absentee Owners" -   Whereas you would not want to communicate to the "renter" - you'd want the owners information.

Skip Trace the property owners Phone and eMail

Up to 20 percent of a company’s contacts contain bad data according to industry experts; resulting in returned mail, address correction fees, bounced emails and wasted sales and marketing efforts. Use PRINTgenie to standardize, verify and correct all your contact data: postal address, email address, phone number and names for effective communications and efficient business operations.


  • Verify, standardize, & transliterate addresses for over 190 million homeowners

  • Use intelligent recognition to identify 650,000+ ethnically-diverse first & last names

  • Authenticate phone numbers, geo-data & ensure mobile numbers are live & callable

  • Validate domain, syntax, spelling, and even test SMTP for global email verification

No longer do you have to search the county recorders office or pay for data. Simply click and view all the details of the property.

*Note - If the property is not lived in by the owner, we'll search their contact and mailing information. We call these properties "Absentee Owners" -   Whereas you would not want to communicate to the "renter" - you'd want the owners information.


Step #2
Now that you have the property... You have options!


Single Touch - Letters & Postcards 

PRINTgenie has pre-packed it's library with hundreds of postcards and letters. Mail merge variables have been applied so every mail piece is personalized with the homeowners information including the property address.  The senders contact information is already placed in the perfect spot so your recipients will clearly see your details.

Our library is the biggest, most advanced library for real estate investors in the world. Don't send the same thing as the next investor. Select your favorite from hundreds, or make your own.

Mini Postcards (6x4.25)

Jumbo Postcards (8.5 x 5.5)

Letters (8.5x11)

*NOTE: All letters come with a real stamp and handwritten envelope (no windowed envelopes)

Snap a photo or use Google Street View

PRINTgenie's versatile phone app allows you to either take your own photo our use Google's Street View. It's your choice. 

Our advanced technology will recognize that you wanted to use a photo and therefore display only those mail templates good for a photo. Our magic little green box knows where to place the photo. We'll make it fit just perfectly. 

If you want to make your own, you can. Simply build your own postcards or letters. Place the magic box anywhere you'd like!


Send a Multi-Channel Campaign

PRINTgenie has pre-packed it's library with dozens of Multi-Touch campaigns. Each campaign may include text messages, email messages, postcards and letters. There's no better way to get someones attention then to automatically send them something every few weeks. 


Quadruple your response rates by increasing the amount of times you touch a prospect. 7 is the magic number. Your response rates go up the more you communicate with your audience. Most people send one thing and walk away. Mostly because it was too difficult to manage sending multiple touches over time - especially to as little as one person.

All the essential Mail merge variables have already been applied so you don't have to do anything except push a button. We've scheduled all drips to happen at the perfect time. Each postcard or letter is followed by a text, then email message about a day later. Then, the next letter or postcard is mailed followed by a text and email again...  All new content... Sent over time for the highest possible response!

We've pre-written everything so you don't have to think about it.

Don't send the same thing as the next investor. Select your favorite campaigns, or make your own.

Nearest Neighbor

PRINTgenie's Nearest Neighbor is a simple yet extremely efficient way to reach 1-300 homes with the click of a button.

Send an entire multi-touch campaign to everyone surrounding the property of interest.

Stand in front of the property or search it and we'll find the property owners address for as many neighbors as you wish. 

Why is it important to communicate with neighbors? 

They have similar:

  • Life Circumstances

  • Home Values

  • Income

  • Needs & Challenges

Staying hyper focused is key to establishing:

  • Authority

  • Confidence

  • Authentic relationships

  • & mostly….  Trust in this neighborhood.


Simply snap a pic, or use google street view to send a postcard or letter to any number of neighbors as you wish.


And/Or, Send a multi-channel campaign that includes:

  • Text

  • eMail

  • Letters & Postcards

Trigger them to arrive each month for 1-6 months. 

It's up to you!

Sample Campaign Prices


Example Campaign

Sent to one person.

2 Touch Campaign | $1.25

3 Touch Campaign | $2.02

5 Touch Campaign | $3.30

I Have Buyers Campaign
Sent to 1 person: $2.75
Did you see that?
Week 1
Week 3
Week 9
Week 6
Buying Houses Campaign
Sent to 1 person: $2.75
Week 1
Week 3
Week 6
Week 9

The biggest mistake people make in direct response marketing is not following up. That happens mostly because there isn't an easy system to do it. Until now!

There is no such thing as a one-hit wonder. Over 30 years of marketing analytics has demonstrated to us that it takes much more then sending just one thing, one time. Regardless of what form of communication you are using, it'll take doing it many times.

The magic number in direct response marketing is 7. You have to send something each and every month until they respond. Adding text & eMail to your direct mail campaign will increase your rate of response up to 8 x's. 


"I opened up the PRINTgenie app and within 2 minutes was sending a Driving For Dollar campaign that had 3 letters and 2 postcards.  It cost $2.88...  This is ridiculously cheap!

Brandon K, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Start your FREE trial on PRINTgenie and instantly set your marketing on auto-pilot

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