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Time & Circumstance Change all Things!

Be there when they need you!

The most effective way to build authentic relationships is through consistent followup.

At night, while you're sleeping.

The Pain
The Cure

Lack of consistent marketing.

Limited resources, budget or expertise.

Over-saturated digital markets.

Compliance regulations.

Complicated implementation.

Right Data

Right Message

Right Time


Be there when they need you.

It has been proven that it takes at least 7 touches before someone will respond to your messages. Response rates increase exponentially the more a recipient needs your services.


Targeted marketing with the right message sent over time will simply increase your odds of getting a response. A potential sale is based on if and when they need you.


How Will You Use PRINTgenie?

From B2B, to B2C - We've got you covered!


Case Study: Real Estate Investor

Challenge - As a Real Estate investor, Susan knows that distressed properties are more likely to sell – so she canvases areas to find properties in sub-par condition. When she finds a property of interest, she needs to quickly get the attention of the owners to approach them about selling.


Solution – Susan can pull over, and in the time it takes to change the station on her car stereo, she can select the pre-designed “Driving for Dollars campaign” within her PRINTgenie app. This initiates a text and email touch to the owner of the distressed property followed by a direct mail sequence as part of a 9-touch nurture campaign.


Result – Susan was able to cut her marketing efforts by 90% and increase her response rates, leads and closed business.

quotation mark orange.png

Our first Driving for Dollars campaign has been absolutely FIRE!!   

We are so overwhelmed with sellers that we are working around the clock!

~Susan Horn

Case Study: Real Estate Agent


Challenge – Every agent knows they need to show proof of production in order to improve their credibility.  Joseph is no exception.  He wants to let his market area know he’s active by touting his Just Listed listings and sales when he gets them.

Solution – Joseph lists a house in his target area.  On his way out the door, he turns, snaps a pic of the house on his phone, then chooses to pull a Nearest Neighbor list of the 100 nearest neighbors.  He picks the card from his PRINTgenie app, then presses the button.  His postcard with the photo of his listing is scheduled to mail before he steps off the curb to get to his car.

Result – Joseph now has an immediate action he can take to turn one client into many.  He never EVER has to wonder what to send to market his production…he’s done, each time, before he gets back in his car.  His prospects know how active he is.

  • Snap a photo

  • Select photo from library

  • Use Google Street Photo

quotation mark orange.png

This could not be easier. I List a house, I snap a photo of me in front of it and send it to the 100 Nearest Neighbors. Honestly, it’s addictive and has become my most used tool for generating new leads!

~Joseph k.

Case Study: Roofer


Challenge – As a small business that relies on “getting the word out” effectively, Bobby knows the value of every customer. He needs to turn ONE customer into MANY.  


Solution – Bobby can snap a photo of the customer’s house and send an incentive mailer or launch a campaign to the surrounding neighbors. 


Result – Bobby’s team no longer has to knock on doors trying to “drum up” business. With the touch of a button they can advertise in an entire area, with their current customer’s photo for reference and credibility. His team can now stay within their comfort zone, doing what they were hired to do, knowing that PRINTgenie is handling the sales function.

quotation mark orange.png

You know when you’ve found a “must have” tool. It just becomes a part of my workflow. My team will snap a photo on every rooftop we work on and send it to 300 houses right from the job site.

~Bobby Gordon

Case Study: Solar


Challenge – As a commissioned independent solar rep, Erik knows the importance of marketing specifically to the region he caters to, yet without data and a mobile friendly map he often finds he’s repeating his steps unnecessarily.

Solution – Erik can open up his desktop or mobile app and specifically target his territory. Erik can also apply additional filters to further identify his perfect customer.

Result – Erik and his team no longer have to send mail to those that wouldn’t necessarily be a suitable customer. By using data, Erik can now market with hyper focused accuracy and not have to simply blanket an area - thus saving lots of time and for a commissioned rep, lot’s of money.

quotation mark orange.png

I’ve been handing out door hangers for a year now…  seems like such a waste of time now that I’m sending a multiple touch campaign to every home owner I chat with.  Total Game changer!

~Dave West


Case Study: SaaS / API


Challenge – InvestorFuse is a growing SaaS and lead follow up company for real estate agents and investors. InvestorFuse wanted to provide their customers with the ability to execute marketing directly from their platform.


Solution – With PRINTgenie’s API, InvestorFuse can send print and mail requests for fulfillment. The InvestorFuse customer does not leave the their platform and can simply and seamlessly execute marketing activities to as few as one prospect at a time or send hundreds.


Result – InvestorFuse can use marketing as a unique selling proposition when competing with other solution providers and/or CRMs without having to develop their own multichannel marketing platform.

quotation mark orange.png

Our users can now trigger a follow up direct mail sequence right from within InvestorFuse. All of our automations now have a PRINTgenie option available when defining the workflow.

~John Whitfield | CEO | InvestorFuse by Carrot


Case Study: Data Co. / API


Challenge – Benutech sells data to brokerages, agents, investors and title companies. They needed an easy way for their customers to trigger marketing from the data they just purchased.


Solution – PRINTgenie created an SSO connection allowing users in the data center to create an account on the fly and transfer data without having to re-register or export and import data. 


Result – Benutech can now sell more data and offer their users pre-created marketing and direct mail automations without any additional effort for their customers. Furthermore, PRINTgenie offers resellers of Benutech data a MRKTplace to further assist their clients. 

quotation mark orange.png

PRINTgenie is the perfect marketing arm to help us promote and sell more data. Their easy to use and automated direct mail features make my team look like hero’s when they share our data w/ their customers.

~Matt LaMont


Case Study: GoHighLevel CRM


Challenge – Joe is an active user of the CRM GoHighLevel, a versatile platform for managing customer relationships and executing marketing strategies. He sought an efficient way to integrate direct mail into his marketing campaigns without leaving the GoHighLevel environment.


Solution – By leveraging PRINTgenie’s copy and paste webhooks, Joe can now send mail directly through GoHighLevel. This integration allows him to seamlessly execute direct mail campaigns to individual prospects or large groups without the need for manual data transfer or leaving the GoHighLevel platform.


Result – Joe can enhance his marketing strategies by incorporating direct mail, offering a more personalized touch to his campaigns. This capability serves as a competitive advantage, enabling him to stand out among others who use GoHighLevel or similar CRMs, without the necessity to invest in or develop a separate multichannel marketing platform.

quotation mark orange.png

Since integrating PRINTgenie's webhooks with my GoHighLevel CRM, my approach to direct mail has transformed. Previously, sending mail felt like a daunting task, but PRINTgenie's solution is effortless. It's incredibly simple to send personalized mail directly from the CRM, streamlining my marketing efforts and boosting campaign efficiency. This integration has saved me time and improved my outreach, making my marketing strategy more personal and effective. PRINTgenie has been a game-changer, and I'm thrilled with the results!"

- Joe

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