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Multi Touch Drip Campaigns

Pre-Created campaigns built to generate a response!

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WOW... Just wow!  It worked so well

I added one client's name from my phone to PRINTgenie's year-long drip campaign, and the results were phenomenal. This simple act led to multiple transactions, thanks to the consistent mix of direct mail and online ads. PRINTgenie made it effortless to stay top of mind, proving personalized, sustained contact is a game-changer. Truly, a small step on my end turned into significant growth for my business.

~ Amy J. 

Real Estate Agents, Investors & Home Service

Simply add as little as one contact to any campaign


Select from Dozens of Pre-Created Drip Campaigns

Start with one of our industries, or make your own!

No Minimums

We work with the industry's best copywriters and designers for optimum response. You don't have to do anything but click a few buttons and your Multi-Channel campaign is automatically mailed out at precise intervals. All campaigns include Direct Mailing Services, Direct Mail Printing, Text & Email. Send any single mailer or campaign - No Minimum

Direct Mail

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Drip Campaigns Are
The Secret To Your Success!


It's not rocket science - On average, we're bombarded with an avalanche of ads every day, ranging anywhere from 6,000 to 10,000! So, how do you stand out? It's not easy, especially if you're still doing "hope marketing."

That's where drip campaigns come in - Response rates start to grow exponentially after 3 touches, and when combining digital with print, you're likely to see upwards of a 27% response.

Rule of thumb - You have to be in front of the potential customer when they need you, or you'll be wasting your money sending just 1 touch and hoping for a reply.



Our pros have created copy and designs so you don't have to... 

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PRINTgenie is free to sign up and start marketing. No contracts!

Add 1 contact or entire list


Add one name from your phone, desktop or CRM to any campaign or mail template.

Seamlessly Add More Contacts


Once you activate a campaign, simply add more contacts automatically.

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