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Empower Your Marketing Workflow with PRINTgenie using Print API's

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A suite of automated marketing APIs, specializing in direct mail.

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It's our goal is to make it easy for developers to integrate our powerful, automated direct-mail marketing solutions into their applications. Our APIs are designed to be highly interoperable with existing CRMs, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate direct-mail into your existing digital workflows. We believe that direct-mail marketing should be easy, accessible, and affordable for all businesses, and we're excited to help you bring this powerful marketing channel to your users. We look forward to working with you!


At PRINTgenie, we understand that many businesses already have established marketing workflows and customer relationship management systems. That's why we designed our automated direct-mail marketing solutions to seamlessly integrate with your existing tools and processes.

Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy centers around making our automated direct-mail marketing solutions easy to use, accessible, and affordable for businesses of all sizes. We believe that direct-mail should be an integral part of any marketing strategy, and we strive to make it seamlessly integrated into existing digital workflows through high interoperability with popular CRMs.

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