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Start building authentic relationships - Make it personal.

Personalize with Google Street View Photos and Mail Merge

Handwritten Greeting Cards 

No Minimums

First Class Cards start at:

PRO   $1.44

Basic: $1.64


Great for Holidays, Thank You cards, Invitations, Just Listed & Just Sold, Buying Houses, Reminders, Reviews, Referrals, Pardon The Dust & More..
Select from ours, or make your own with a PRO account.


Snap a photo from your phone!

Who's it for?

Really, anyone! Who doesn't love receiving a personalized note?

Gaining new clients is harder and more costly than retaining existing customers. Stop Marketing! Start building authentic relationships with handwritten notes and greeting cards. They'll be opened, and read!

Simply open your phone, desktop, or automate with your CRM.

Don't worry.. We'll find the address for you!

thank you card sample-01

Did you know that a personalized handwritten greeting card has an 80% open rate?
Stop marketing! Start communicating and building authentic relationships.

Stay top of mind.


" Two deals in less than 10 days. Was it the greeting card? The persons home? - I don't care... they called me and I closed them :>"

 - Jerome Cooper, San Diego, CA


Did you know that you are 75% more likely to get a new client via a referral?
Time & circumstances change all things. Be there when they need you. Be rememberable!

Reminders & Reviews


" Every one of my new home-owners get a warm welcome card from us. We'll snap a photo and send a photo of their new Home!"

 - Amy Jensen, Carlsbad, CA

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