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Data-Driven Direct Mail

The ridiculously simple way to set your marketing on auto-pilot

"If you stay ready you don't have to get ready." 

Automate Direct Mail and Multichannel Campaigns for less than a cup of coffee.
Without Spending Thousands on Bad Leads!

PRINTgenie works around the clock to deliver you off market and distressed leads.

With zero effort a multi-channel campaign is deployed at night, while you're sleeping!


Connect your data filter to a PRINTgenie campaign and drive leads automatically. Campaigns are run when a property is added to your list. Either because it was added manually by you, or because of a change to the property that resulted in it now matching your criteria and being added automatically.

Six reasons why integrations
are powerfully easy


Integrate to automatically export property data and owner contact information into PRINTgenie and drive your business
automatically and dynamically, while you sleep.


Automate Data Exports & Imports


Stop manually exporting and importing data. It's a waste of time and money. Set up Dynamic Data auto feed.

Append Phone & Email Automatically


Purchase and append phone numbers and email addresses automatically.

Automate Real Life Events


Use 200+ criteria to turn real life events into immediate and actionable sales and marketing. Set it and forget it.

Automate Your Marketing


Send single piece direct mail or multi-touch campaigns that include Email & Text automatically. Send to just one person or an entire list.

We've Done The Work For You!


Choose from over 100 pre-written direct mail templates, Email & Text scripts & dozens of campaigns.

Or, Make your own!

Dynamic Data Triggers Mail


Trigger any Postcard, Letter or Multi-Touch campaign automatically every-time a data record is updated... At night while you're sleeping.

Pre Created Campaigns

Real Estate Investors

  • 2 Touch | Buying Houses Generic

  • 2 Touch | Cash Buyers

  • 3 Touch | Distressed Seller

  • 2 Touch | Foreclosure

  • 4 Touch | Absentee Owner - Out of State

  • 4 Touch | Buying Houses Generic

  • 4 Touch | Equity Owners >30% equity

  • 4 Touch | HAMP Loan Mods

  • 4 Touch | Pre-foreclosure (NOD)

  • 5 Touch | Probates

  • 6 Touch | Distressed Seller

  • Driving For Dollars | 3 Touch​

  • Driving For Dollars | 6 Touch

Pre Created Campaigns

Real Estate Agents

  • 3 Touch | I have Buyers

  • 4 Touch | Expired Listing

  • 3 Touch | Mortgage Woes

  • 3 Touch | Home Front 

  • 4 Touch | Neighborhood Agent 

  • 3 Touch | The New Normal

  • 4 Touch | Thinking of Selling?

  • 3 Touch | Just Met You

  • 3 Touch | Lifestyle Move Up 

Over 100,000+ touches generated by PRINTgenie per day

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• Creating Campaigns

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• Set up Dynamic Data
• Send Mail While You Sleep
In 3 Easy Steps!

"Set it and Forget it! ... I literally set up my data filter and picked my farming area in 15 minutes. It triggers and sends my campaign while I'm sleeping! Now I average about 10-15 new leads per day."

Leslie K, Atlanta, GA

Send single-piece direct mail or multichannel, multitouch campaigns automatically and on-demand

Imagine this: You’re standing in front of a home that you just qualified as a prospect. You pull out your phone and trigger a single-piece handwritten direct mail to the owner of that home, even if the owner resides elsewhere. With just a click.

And while you were asleep last night, there were three new matches to a list of owners of properties that meet your specific targeting criteria. While you were dreaming of early retirement, those three owners were automatically dropped into a 12-month multichannel drip campaign that you designed to drive response.

Sounds like a marketing automation pipedream, right?

Up until recently, setting up this level of marketing automation was hard to do. Extremely hard if it involved single-piece direct mail.

Today, most real estate professionals and home services businesses waste money sending out large, broadly targeted one-size-fits-all direct mail campaigns and wonder why they don’t get the response they hoped for. Worse, they chew up a ton of their time going through the same motions every month. Marketing, when done incorrectly, can be very time-consuming.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Setting up automated direct mail campaigns that only target your best potential opportunities is no longer something only big businesses with big budgets can afford and execute on.

Real estate professionals and home services businesses like real estate investors and agents, mortgage brokers, solar installers, roofing contractors, and many others are using data-driven automation to drive new business. All-day, every day. Without fail. So they can spend more time closing deals. That’s the power of automation.

You’ve got this perfect campaign, you’ve got your perfect list, and you set it and forget it.” – Andy Detwiler, CEO of

I recently hosted a webinar with the CEO of, Andy Detwiler, to talk about automated direct mail for real estate investors, real estate agents, and other property-centric businesses. Check out the video for a detailed walkthrough overview of setting up your direct mail criteria, triggers, and campaign flow.

Why should you set up automated direct mail campaigns?

The number one reason to automate your direct mail outreach is so you can keep your targeted marketing efforts in the ‘always on’ position. That way, even when you’re busy working on other important parts of your business, your marketing keeps running and doesn’t screech to a halt.

The secret of a growing business is you have to get more done with less. As you get older, you gain more experience, but you don’t gain more hours in the day. Sure, you get more capital to work with, but you have to use it wisely and not get lazy and waste time and money marketing to the wrong prospects. You might have a team, but when you’re growing a business, you have to say, ‘How do I get more done with less?’ That’s where automation comes in.

The ability for business owners to set up automated direct mail is something that Andy had been dreaming about for a long time. With PropertyRadar’s dynamic data, his dream came true.

“You can set up a list that changes dynamically based on criteria and on persistent basis trigger campaigns from that without touching it,” says Andy.

Andy has witnessed a lot of PRINTgenie customers utilize PropertyRadar for automating their list criteria. These business owners receive inquiries from leads for direct mail campaigns they set up months ago.

Why is it important to be able to send one piece of mail at a time?

When businesses think of sending direct mail, they tend to assume that it should be in one big blast. Get a list of two thousand property owners. Send the postcard. Boom! Done.

But bulk mail and EDDM are definitely NOT the best way for most business owners to market their businesses. A single large direct mail blast doesn’t produce nearly as much ROI as targeting the right people multiple times, over time, and at the right time.

It’s important to have the ability to send one piece of mail at a time because you want to reach someone as soon as they become a great fit for your business. Not too soon. And certainly, not too late. Right time. Right place.

You don’t want to wait until the next time you get around to do a direct mail blast, which could be six months after meeting your criteria. That means you’re competitor got to them first, or they found your competitor.

For example, an investor wants to reach out to homeowners that are now “motivated”. You want to target them as soon as this condition happens. You might have a variety of criteria: a notice of default, equity reaches a certain level, or there’s been a death in joint tenant. There are hundreds of situations to target.

When you use the PropertyRadar and PRINTgenie system discussed in the webinar, you set up automated postcard mailing with perfect timing. Prospects receive postcards just as soon as they need your help.

How to send automated direct mail? Step-by-step guide:

Before automating a direct mail campaign, you have first to set up an audience to send your mail to, aka a list of prospects who are likely to want or need what you offer.

The goal is to build a list of prospects who match specific criteria. Your criteria then become automation triggers so that when a person meets your criteria, they automatically receive a piece of marketing material from you.

As an example, criteria could be home equity, home size, neighborhood, and owner demographics.

1. Create a list of leads

It’s essential to get list building right. Most direct mail providers simply don’t have enough data to produce highly targeted lists of leads.

With PropertyRadar, you can select an area by county, zip code, or even draw a polygon shape in any rural area, city, or specific neighborhood to see all of the properties in that map shape. Then you add whatever criteria fits your business to narrow down that list.

PropertyRadar has 200+ property and owner criteria based on public records data to help businesses find the exact property owners they’re looking for. Everything from lot size to equity to owner marital status and more.

2. Integrate and automatically export the list to a direct mail provider

It’s essential to get list building right. Most direct mail providers simply don’t have enough data to produce highly targeted lists of leads.

With PropertyRadar, you can select an area by county, zip code, or even draw a polygon shape in any rural area, city, or specific neighborhood to see all of the properties in that map shape. Then you add whatever criteria fits your business to narrow down that list.

PropertyRadar has 200+ property and owner criteria based on public records data to help businesses find the exact property owners they’re looking for. Everything from lot size to equity to owner marital status and more.


Once your list is ready to go, the next step is to transport it into your direct mail provider.

Integrate PropertyRadar with PRINTgenie using Zapier so that this process is always automated.

Whenever a new property owner meets your list criteria, they get sent over to the right PRINTgenie campaign.


3. Choose the type of campaign you want to send

PRINTgenie is one of the few direct mail companies that gives you the flexibility to choose from lots of different types of campaigns:

  • Online only

  • Offline only

  • Online and offline

  • Single touch

  • Multitouch

“We created some predefined campaigns and we labeled them in accordance with PropertyRadar Quick Lists, for example, absentee owner out of area. This campaign consists of one postcard, one letter, another postcard to follow up on another letter and four text messages and four emails,” says Andy.

That type of multitouch, multichannel campaign is really effective because it looks very natural and keeps the business top of mind. Andy explains, “We like to send out a postcard followed by a text saying, ‘Hey, did you get the postcard I sent you? Hope you got it, I’d love to work with you.’ It’s really that authentic flavor, and then we’ll wrap that text and email around each mail piece. But we’re always sending the mail piece so they get that touch and tangible letter in an envelope that’s handwritten to them.”

Inside of those campaigns are messaging templates for:


  • Postcards

  • Letters

  • Email

  • Text messages

Customize the templates


The templates are tailored to specific business types and list criteria. All you have to do is edit the messages with your business and contact details.

You can add other custom touches, like your slogan, some testimonials, or a winning headline that you know performs well in other marketing materials.

You can also use mail merge to insert personalization variables into your postcards.

Turn on the campaign

After you’ve made the necessary changes to your PRINTgenie campaign and hooked it up with the right PropertyRadar list, then it’s time to turn on the campaign.

From here on out, as your PropertyRadar lists automatically updates itself with new property owners that meet your criteria, PRINTgenie will automatically add these new leads to the first step in your campaign, and follow up as you’ve determined.

For even more insights into setting up automated direct mail, check out the replay of the webinar.

What is the best software for automating direct mail?

The ability to automate your direct mail requires three essential components, or what’s referred to as your “stack”.

If your target market is the owner of a home or property, you need three essential elements:


  1. A source of persistent and dynamic property data and owner contact information

  2. The ability for that source of data to power event-based triggers for new match and status change automation

  3. A print service vendor that can integrate and process event-based triggers and send single-piece direct mail or multichannel campaigns

By choosing a best-in-class list builder and a best-in-class direct mail provider, you get the best of both worlds. Here’s what each company brings to the table:



Perfect for building hyperlocal criteria-based lists based on public records and includes owner contact information. Purchase and append owner email addresses and phone numbers on demand, or automatically.

Mix, match, and make 100’s of popular list types to find new opportunities.


  • The world’s best list builder – Fast, easy, & powerful with 200+ criteria.

  • Start with a Quick List – The most popular lists at your fingertips.

  • Preview results – Visualize on a map, sort in a table, and drill down to full profiles.

  • Lists are kept always up to date – Property and owner data is always changing, we keep it fresh, and make it actionable.

  • One great list leads to another – Copy a list to a new area, segment them for better messages, or build look-a-likes.

  • Lists that make taking action easy – Dive into results, build automations, connect marketing campaigns, create workflows.



Perfect for multitouch direct mail and multichannel direct marketing campaigns. Plans start at $49 per month and $0.43 per mini postcard.

What should you say in your direct mail postcards and letters?

Andy Detwiler and the team at PRINTgenie have 20 years of experience running direct mail campaigns for real estate agents, real estate investors, coaches, and consultants. When they built PRINTgenie, they put all of that experience into the platform for customers to utilize.

There are dozens of direct mail templates based on their experience of what works and what doesn’t. Customers can easily edit these to fit their businesses.

Mail Templates

Here are some best practices for the copywriting and creative side of direct mail:


  • Separate out your lists of PropertyRadar contacts into segments so you can tailor the messaging better. For example, what you say to vacation homeowners is different than an owner-occupied homeowner. Or how to message an owner over the age of 75 might be different from a young millennial family.

  • General rule of thumb is to keep your wording simple. Don’t think you impress people by using industry-related terms – it only confuses people and makes them feel small.

  • Use the List Insights PropertyRadar provides you to touch on potential pain points your audience may be experiencing or reveal a deal they didn’t even know they were sitting on. The important thing is to be creative.

How often should you mail contacts?

“If you think you can send one thing and it’s going to work you’re probably going to get a small response,” says Andy. “The more you send them, the more response you’re going to get. It increases infinitely, so from our perspective and the numbers, at least seven touches is necessary.”

Those seven touches don’t all have to be direct mail, however. Three or four could be direct mail, and the rest could be email, text, phone call, or voicemail drop.

When you start mastering direct marketing, you’ll see the results from yourself. When you notice how many prospects don’t reply until the fourth, fifth, or sixth communication, you’ll see what a huge waste it is to contact great prospects only once.

How can you increase ROI from direct mail?


Example Campaign


The biggest mistake that business owners make is not following up. Andy notes that before utilizing the PropertyRadar and PRINTgenie system for highly targeted, automated direct mail, 88% of businesses are sending just one piece of mail. That’s it. No follow up.

When creating their direct mail solution, PRINTgenie decided to build in multitouch campaigns to encourage businesses to keep following up.

“When you create these microtargeted lists, it’s perfect, because you’re going to touch them several times,” says Andy. It’s important to not only hit the perfect leads with direct mail multiple times, but to set up a multichannel campaign that utilizes text and email as well.

From personal experience, when I get home and there’s a postcard on the kitchen table that I’m interested in it, but I get distracted. A day or two later I get an email that reminds me. But I get distracted. A month later I get another postcard. Then I act on it.

When you use PropertyRadar for building highly targeted lists, you save money by not reaching out to the wrong prospects. Then you can divert that money to reaching out to the right people multiple times.

Essentially, you’ll get far greater ROI if you target 200 houses four times than 800 houses once, assuming that you’re strategically narrowing down your list with smart criteria like owner demographics, property type, property features, loan information, etc.


Automated direct mail campaigns targeting ONLY your ideal customers isn’t just for big companies with unlimited marketing budgets anymore. With PropertyRadar and PRINTgenie on your side, you can now easily setup automated direct mail to send to your perfect prospects and turn them into your perfect customers – without lifting a finger! And that’s how you work smarter, not harder!

Click here to start your 3-Day Free Trial with PropertyRadar or click here to learn more about PropertyRadar integrations.

Over 100,000+ touches generated by PRINTgenie per day

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