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Navigating Foreclosure - Lead Magnet

20-page eBook on navigating through a foreclosure. Extensively researched, professionally written and laid out. Price is a one-time-only licensing fee, good for purchaser's lifetime, for all their marketing to consumers. Purchaser will be provided a link to download a clean, full copy with no watermark.


This eBook is "investor friendly", meaning, it presents the options in such a way that the choice for an investor seems not only logical, but probably the wisest decision in most cases, for anyone in need of selling quickly. 

(Customization available for an additional fee. Contact for details.)


* Have a Carrot or WIX website?  We can create a landing page for this eBook, capturing your prospect's information prior to the book being made available for download.

How is this used?

  • Tease your eBook on your Direct Mail Campaigns.
    Your eBook will automatically can be applied to any mailer. And/or send our pre-designed and professionally written 10 Touch Probate campaign!

  • Direct prospects to your website to download.
    Add your eBook to your website as a carrot to collect your prospects details.

  • Add a simple link or QR Code to your Mailers.


Notice the QR Code and eBook Cover automatically applied to your mailers


Foreclosure w/eBook | 4 Touch
This campaign consists of:
• 2 Letters
• 2 Postcards
• 4 Text Messages
• 4 Email Messages

*Requires purchase of the "Navigating Foreclosure" Lead Magnet
(Click on FORECLOSURE LEAD MAGNET under solutions tab in PRINTgenie's menu bar for info)
Each Direct Mail piece is followed by a Text and eMail message Bi-Monthly
This is a 2 Month Campaign
What is this campaign good for?

In Foreclosure - Whether or not the property is considered to be currently in foreclosure. In Foreclosure includes properties that are currently in one of the following stages of foreclosure: Pre-foreclosure (have recently had a notice of default  filed and have not yet been sold or had a notice of trustee sale filed); Auction (A notice of trustee sale has been filed, and the sale has not yet been held or cancelled); or the property is Bank Owned (foreclosure sale was  held, but did not receive any bids and the property is now bank owned and has  not yet been resold).

This campaign includes the agentHQ eBook, "Navigating Foreclosure".  Each direct mailer "teases" the eBook, with a QR code and link to your landing page to download for free.  You must have purchased the eBook prior to using this campaign.

Details of our "Foreclosure" Campaign

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