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Find property details & market to any homeowner.

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Great for marketing to off-market properties.

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Send a Just Listed or Sold campaign to the 1-300 Nearest Neighbors.

With over 2 decades experience in direct response marketing, we’ve built your one-stop marketing site.  Real estate investing postcards, letters, texts, emails and full Multi-Touch campaigns are all ready to send and deploy from your phone, laptop or desktop, at the touch of a button…from anywhere.


Instantly Trigger Multi-Touch Campaigns From Your Phone or Dashboard or CRM

In all my years of direct marketing to homeowners I've never come across such a simple to use, yet powerful solution.

~ Amy Roberts


Pre Created Campaigns

Real Estate Agents

  • 3 Touch | I have Buyers

  • 3 Touch | Just Listed

  • 3 Touch | Just Sold

  • 4 Touch | Expired Listing

  • 3 Touch | Mortgage Woes

  • 3 Touch | Home Front 

  • 4 Touch | Neighborhood Agent 

  • 3 Touch | The New Normal

  • 4 Touch | Thinking of Selling?

  • 3 Touch | Just Met You

  • 3 Touch | Lifestyle Move Up 

I Have Buyers Campaign
No Minimums | First Class | Sent to 1 person: $2.73
Did you see that?
Week 1
Week 3
Week 9
Week 6
Just Listed Campaign
No Minimums | First Class | Sent to 1 person: $2.35
Week 1
Week 3
Week 6

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PRINTgene 5 Star custmer service reviews

Print Genie and Go Big Printing are TOP NOTCH!!!

I was searching for a marketing and printing company to handle my Real Estate mailings and Go Big/Print Genie had everything i was looking for. PrintGenie is creative financing real estate. The pricing is unbeatable, the websites are super easy to use, the concierge service is on point, and Print Genie with the set it and forget it approach which includes a 3 touch system (direct mail-email-text) with pre built campaigns is perfect for those lists you know are special and deserve the VIP treatment. To check members click here. If your just mailing high number lists then Go Big has you covered with the lowest pricing in the industry! Go Big has top reviews. You cannot go wrong using Go Big and Print Genie!!!
~ John Johnson

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