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Real Estate Agents

Marketing Platform Built By & For Agents


Find property details & market to any homeowner.

Searching for a home for your client?

Great for marketing to off-market properties.

Promoting your new listing?

Send a Just Listed or Sold campaign to the 1-300 Nearest Neighbors.

With over 2 decades of experience in direct response marketing, we’ve built your one-stop marketing site.  Real estate investing postcards, letters, texts, emails and full Multi-Touch campaigns are all ready to send and deploy from your phone, laptop or desktop, at the touch of a button…from anywhere.


Instantly Trigger Multi-Touch Campaigns From Your Phone or Dashboard or CRM

In all my years of direct marketing to homeowners I've never come across such a simple to use, yet powerful solution.

~ Amy Roberts


Pre Created Campaigns

Real Estate Agents

  • 3 Touch | I have Buyers

  • 3 Touch | Just Listed

  • 3 Touch | Just Sold

  • 4 Touch | Expired Listing

  • 3 Touch | Mortgage Woes

  • 3 Touch | Home Front 

  • 4 Touch | Neighborhood Agent 

  • 3 Touch | The New Normal

  • 4 Touch | Thinking of Selling?

  • 3 Touch | Just Met You

  • 3 Touch | Lifestyle Move Up 

Case Study: My Sphere

Action:  Upload your Sphere of influence and attach to “My Sphere Campaign”
No Minimums

Susan | Real Estate Agent


Challenge – As a Real Estate Agent, Susan knows the value of her Sphere of Influence for the growth of her business.  She’s worked hard to develop relationships with this group of people, but she’s only as good as her follow-up.  She needs to stay “top of mind” with them so they think of her first when they or anyone they know needs Susan’s RE expertise.

Solution – Susan can upload her SOI list, choose her “My Sphere” campaign, and deploy.  Her entire sphere will be nurtured by Susan for approximately 8 months, with Greeting Cards, Letters, Postcards, Texts and Emails.

Result – Susan doesn’t have to sit at a desk with her partner every time they want to “do some marketing”.  This is done and ready to deploy, and all Susan has to do is press the button.



Case Study: Just Met You

Action:  Every time you meet someone, add them to the “Just Met You Campaign”
No Minimums

Eddie | Real Estate Agent


Challenge – Eddie is a social butterfly…his real estate business depends on it.  He easily meets people, but needs to convert the people he connects with into opportunities for his business.  He’s more of a “people person” than a tech guy.  He needs something easy and fast to stay in touch with the new people he meets…reminding them what he does.

Solution – After an open house or a dinner party, Eddie can easily input a new contact’s information into PRINTgenie’s “Just Met You” campaign and press the button to deploy.  In fact, he can even have a QR code on his business card that directs people to fill in their contact info and deploy his campaign automatically…as he sleeps.  His follow-up loop is complete and he’s staying connected with his new contacts with a Postcard, Letters, Emails, and Texts…all thanking them for the “connect” and explaining how he can help…over a 3-month period.

Result – Eddie’s network is growing exponentially because people are REMEMBERING him and his service, rather than forgetting an hour after meeting him.  His prospects had the best intentions…and now he’s capitalizing on those intentions.  Eddie has this system nailed…thanks to PRINTgenie.  It’s all immediate and turnkey…and even Eddie can press a button!

I Have Buyers Campaign
No Minimums | First Class | Sent to 1 person: $2.73
Did you see that?
Week 1
Week 3
Week 9
Week 6
Just Listed Campaign
No Minimums | First Class | Sent to 1 person: $2.35
Week 1
Week 3
Week 6