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Hey! You're here for marketing advice...why am I asking about bullhorns? Well, I'm trying to convey a point. Bear with me. Bullhorns are great. They're NICE AND LOUD...but when you use them, you're speaking to many people, usually. So, will someone really pay attention? Do they feel you're speaking to THEM? Maybe not. If you want to get their attention, walk right up to them and speak softly, just to them...look in their eyes. Maybe even whisper. Why? Because they feel your comment is JUST for them, not for the masses...not something you're throwing out into the air to see what response you get.

It's the same with direct marketing. The more you can speak DIRECTLY to someone, the more they'll listen. When it comes to your communication with your want to do just that...COMMUNICATE with them.

So, how do you do this? Relevancy! You make your message more relevant to them AS INDIVIDUALS. I don't mean by just using their name or address...I'm talking about something that matters JUST to them. If you're in mortgage, you tell them what rate you can get THEM...not everybody. If you're a mechanic, you speak about how you fix THEIR brand of car, not just any vehicle. I tell all my clients to imagine you're on a first date with each prospect, and to think of a subject about them that would make them tell their best friend, "Wow...they really were interested in ME!"


Take a moment, after finishing this post, to look through your list. What column in it has information that is unique, just to each recipient? How can you incorporate that information into something on your mailer, text or email, that will perk their attention? There you you're whispering!

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