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Chances are, you don’t realize all the things you don’t know. Neither do your prospects. You want to tell them all about you and your discounts! Ultimately, your marketing needs to sell YOU…right? Well…not exactly. You’re trying to move more prospects to clients…more unknowns to buyers. But try as you may, sending catchy discounts and telling your scores how great you are doesn’t seem to be moving the needle. What are you missing? What’s the trick? I’m here to tell you…information is key.

But, here’s the catch…it's not just ANY information. The people you’re trying to engage don’t care about you or your offer. What do they care about? Give prospects what they already know they want to hear. It needs to be something that’s relevant to them. Will it make their lives better or increase their worth? If it will, then you’re on your way toward becoming more credible, trustworthy and seen as the expert. People appreciate learning valuable insights...especially if they didn't have to work or spend time to get them.

What does this add up to? More clients. If you’re in real estate, offer to show them the value of their home. If you’re a roofer, tell them the best roof for their worst climate. Sure, you can always add a little “nugget” dealing with a discount or opportunity for your product or service, but give them information that elevates them and you’re on your way! Give it freely, with no strings. Remember, you’re looking to increase your credibility, not push them off the fence in your direction. That will come when they’re ready.

Before you head out to start the rest of your day or leave your office to spend some quality “down time”, take a moment to think about your best clients. What matters to them? Back when they didn’t know you at all and were at that point of becoming a client, what would have been a piece of information you could have given each of them that would enlighten, amaze and possibly engage? Well…chances are, these same bits of information would be valuable for your hopeful clients, too. Read other articles of Print Genie. Thank you!


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