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If you're a fan of Discovery, Animal Planet, and National Geographic, you might be surprised to learn that there are some valuable lessons that company owners can take away from the jungle and use in their marketing strategies.

Like a jungle, the marketing world is a vast and complex environment with multiple players vying for attention, survival, and growth. The competition can be fierce, and only the most strategic and adaptable companies can thrive in such an environment.

So, what marketing lessons can we learn from the jungle?


Many animals have to persistently work to achieve their goals, such as finding food or building a nest. Similarly, businesses must consistently create valuable content and engage with their audience to build brand recognition and loyalty.


Jungle animals know the art of hunting. They're patient, they study their prey and learn from watching them. They know it's not a good idea to jump in and advertise your business to someone you've just met—you need to develop a connection with that person first, get to know them and see if they're a good fit for what you have to offer. You need to build relationships with potential customers before making any big moves. You don't want to push too hard or too fast; instead, let them come to you naturally through a series of organic interactions over time.


BE REAL. BE AUTHENTIC. Just as animals in nature have unique characteristics that help them stand out and survive, you need to be able to demonstrate what sets you apart.

One of the most important things that would make any business stand out from its competitors is its ability to master AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIP BUILDING. This is not just about having a good relationship with your clients—it's about being able to build genuine connections with everyone you meet.

And by "authentic," we also mean that you have to be honest and open with your customers, and make it clear that you genuinely care about them and their needs. This will not only make them feel good, but it will also help develop trust between you and your clients, which is essential when it comes to sales.

Marketing is not all about selling all the time.

At PRINTgenie, we strongly believe that in order to build authentic relationships, you need to be transparent and consistent, whether they’re looking for what you have to offer or not. When we reach out to our customers via postcards or letters, we also use a combination of things that make our mail / conversations seem like we’re speaking 1 on 1 with our prospects. We use stamps on envelopes, we use personalization such as First Name, Property Address, etc, and we use handwriting fonts for a more personal touch. We also work with the industry's best copywriters and designers for optimum response.

In today's competitive market, customers are looking for companies that understand their needs and are willing to go the extra mile to meet them. By focusing on building authentic communication and engagement with your clients, you not only improve customer loyalty but also foster a long-term relationship that benefits both your business and your clients. Marketing is about building AUTHENTIC relationships with your customers, and creating a brand that speaks to them on a level more meaningful than "buy this product."


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