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More clients will trust you with their business if they see you’re professional and successful...right?

Well, honestly, it’s a trick question. The name of the game isn’t necessarily “professional” or “successful”…no, it’s “CREDIBLE”. It’s not really what kind of vehicle you drive or how you dress. Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with looking successful. However, what prospects need to know is, can they believe what you say and have confidence in their decision to work with you. They want to know if your behavior, skills and knowledge will all come together to form a positive outcome for THEM.

So…how do you go about increasing your credibility?

There are several ways to show a potential client what you will do for them. One is solid testimonials from similar folk. Another is definitely how successful you come across. Success oftentimes means many happy clients. Similarly, being active in the community conveys a solid business approach. You haven’t burned any bridges. What’s the best way? Who knows. One way to convey credibility is to prove it by your actions. Give information and provide the knowledge they need without asking for anything in return, and you’re showing integrity…you have their best interest in mind. This goes a long way.

In the last two decades, some of my most successful clients drove 10-yr old cars and didn’t wear fancy suits, but they sure knew how to be where their prospects needed them, providing help. Those prospects remembered that. Help them understand the terms of your industry. They’re outsiders! Help them figure out the heavier concepts. Chances are, they don’t have a handle on some of the things that are second nature to you. Provide this information and you might earn a customer for life, and maybe even a friend.

For your homework, list three things you think your prospects don’t know about your industry. Now, how can you impart this information to them? Figure this out and you’re headed down the path of credibility!


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