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We all heard this a lot growing up. We learn at a very early age that "please" and "thank you" get us pretty far. People respond, and appreciate that we use them. So…in marketing, what are the magic words? (Yes, they’re different!)

There are many, but here’s a quick list of some of my favorites:

- Free

- No Obligation

- Limited Time Only

- New

- Improved

We’ve gotten away from many of these words because email servers were trained to catch them as SPAM when they saw them. When email marketing became popular, we pulled them off our messages. If they were added to a subject line, or often even in the text of the email, it would go STRAIGHT to the junk folder…no passing go, no $200. BUT, in the printed medium, they are just as powerful as ever. WHY? People want to know there’s no catch…no strings attached. They want to know they can ease into the opportunity rather than being trapped. Similarly, they often need urgency. The human condition is to be skeptical…or to wait. However, when they see it in writing? They know it’s real. “I can get that consultation. I don’t have to buy.” or “I might miss out if I don’t act now.”

So…add them back into your direct marketing print…appropriately for your industry. Over the years, many of my clients were reluctant because they thought these words were cheesy. They can be. However, postcards and letters, with these words added tastefully, have always proven to pull better than those without them. It’s subliminal.

Tonight while you’re winding down, pull out one of your recent, good producing marketing print pieces. HOW CAN YOU PROJECT A MORE SUCCESSFUL IMAGE? It’s not a “consultation”, it’s a “FREE CONSULTATION”. Don’t say, “Call today”, say “LIMITED TIME ONLY…CALL TODAY.” As long as these words are honest, you’re looking at magic!


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