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Profile health check | Account Setup Service

We would be pleased to assist you in configuring your account to ensure that all your photos, logos, and profile elements are optimized and prepared for printing. Our account setup service encompasses the following:

1. Image Assessment: Review all provided images, logos, and profile elements to determine their current resolution, color accuracy, and overall quality.
2. Resolution Enhancement: Adjust and enhance the resolution of images to ensure they meet the minimum DPI (dots per inch) requirements for high-quality printing.
3. Color Correction: Fine-tune the color balance, contrast, and saturation of images to ensure they appear vibrant and true-to-life when printed.
4. Vectorization of Logos: Convert logos to vector format, if they aren't already. Vector formats ensure that logos can be scaled without any loss of quality.
5. File Format Conversion: Convert all elements to the most suitable file format for printing, such as TIFF, PDF, or EPS, PNG depending on the printer's specifications.
6. Bleed and Margin Setup: Configure the appropriate bleed and margin settings to prevent any unintended cropping or border issues during the printing process.
7. Typography Optimization: Ensure that all text elements, if any, are legible, well-spaced, and free from any printing anomalies like pixelation.
8. Proofing: Provide digital proofs for your review, ensuring that all elements appear as intended and are ready for the final print.
9. Feedback Integration: Incorporate any feedback or changes you may have after reviewing the proofs.
10. Final Quality Check: Conduct a thorough final check to ensure all elements are aligned, properly spaced, and free from any errors.

Account Setup

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