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"Single List" Cleaning Services


"Single" list cleaning service is great for...

When you are too busy, and/or not that familiar with excel and data management. It's perfect for those that just want to hand it off to a list professional and be done with it.


We understand that managing customer data can often be a complex task. Our data team recognizes the common challenges many businesses face:

  • Disorganized data lists?
  • Absent or inconsistent 'First Name' fields?
  • Overwhelming presence of trusts, LLCs, or corporations?


Such inconsistencies can make your mailers appear less credible, increasing the likelihood of them being disregarded. Entrust your list to our expert team, and we will meticulously clean and optimize it, ensuring your communications are both professional and effective.


Our Comprehensive Data Cleaning Services include:

  1. Name Field Completion: Ensure no missing 'First Name' fields for a personalized touch.
  2. Entity Personalization: Convert all trusts, LLCs, and corporation contacts to friendly and relatable names. Utilize "family" for entries without a specific first name for a more approachable tone.
  3. Duplicate Removal: Eliminate duplicate entries, optimizing your list and saving you money on mailings.
  4. Role Identification: Distinguish between a personal representative, attorney and a deceased individual, ensuring appropriate and respectful communication.
  5. Once completed, we'll send your cleaned list back to you.


*Skip Trace is an additional service.  Learn more here:

List Cleaning (1 List)

  • Change the quantity to match the number of files you'd like for us to clean.

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