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Marketing Made Simple

Attention Real Estate Agents & Investors
Quadruple Your Response Rates!

Grow Your Real Estate Business with PRINTgenie!
Are you a real estate professional looking to streamline your marketing and boost your response rate?
PRINTgenie offers powerful tools to elevate your business and make a lasting impact.

Unlock the Potential of PRINTgenie for Real Estate Agents & Investors
With PRINTgenie, you can create multitouch campaigns that engage motivated seller lead lists effectively. Our system allows you to send direct mail with no minimums – reach out to as few as one contact. Plus, our easy integration with your CRM through webhooks ensures your marketing efforts are seamless and efficient.

Adding Direct Mail to Your Digital Marketing Will Increase Response Rates Upto 27%

Why Choose PRINTgenie?

Our innovative platform provides everything you need to capture and convert leads:

✅  Access to motivated seller lead lists
✅  Advanced skip tracing capabilities
✅  Effortless connection to your CRM with webhooks
✅  Vast library of campaign options, including postcards, letters, and greeting cards

✅  Direct Mail and Multitouch drip campaign editor to make and share your own templates & campaigns

✅  QRcode Tracking and PURL Landing pages


Key Benefits for Real Estate Agents & Investors:

✅ Save money on printing costs with our competitive pricing.

✅ Seamlessly integrate direct mail into your existing marketing workflows.

✅ Use our mobile device feature to manage your campaigns on the go.


❌ No minimum order requirements – perfect for targeting specific leads.
❌ Avoid the hassle of managing large print runs.

❌ Eliminate 3rd party connections like Zapier

Become a PRINTgenie Pro and Maximize Your Earnings
By becoming a PRINTgenie Pro, you not only save on printing costs but also have the opportunity to earn 50% commissions as an affiliate. This dual benefit allows you to enhance your marketing strategy while generating additional income.

Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level?
Connect with PRINTgenie today and discover how our direct mail solutions can transform your real estate investing success!

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Just wanted to text and say that the software/platform you've created with PRINTgenie really is life-changing. Over the last few weeks as I've built out my new foreclosure, probate, and ugly homes ebooks campaigns the flexibility and ease of use to create custom marketing pieces is just a game changer. I'm excited to see where this gets me this year and just wanted to say thank you for everything you do for us to help to grow our businesses!!!

~ Tim Hales

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