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Quadruple your response | Be the authority on Probates

Seven Steps of a Probate Home Sale  |  Laid out over the course of 14 pages

14-page eBook on the details of selling a home through the probate process. Extensively researched, professionally written and laid out. Price is a one-time-only licensing fee, good for purchaser's lifetime, for all their marketing to consumers. Purchaser will be provided a link to download a clean, full copy with no watermark.

How is this used?

  • Tease your eBook on your Direct Mail Campaigns.
    Your eBook will automatically can be applied to any mailer. And/or send our pre-designed and professionally written 10 Touch Probate campaign!

  • Direct prospects to your website to download.
    Add your eBook to your website as a carrot to collect your prospects details.

  • Add a simple link or QR Code to your Mailers.


Notice the QR Code and eBook Cover automatically applied to your mailers


Estimated cost per contact: $2.86 - $3.26
*Notice: This campaign requires an eBook
4 Touch | Probate with eBook
This campaign consists of:
• 2 Letters
• 2 Jumbo postcards
• 4 Text Messages
• 4 Email Messages
Each Direct Mail piece is followed by a Text and eMail message Monthly
This Campaign lasts for approximately 3-4 months
What is this campaign good for?

When people inherit a property, they may not always be able to afford the costs that coincide. They are more likely willing to part ways sooner than later. An investor can capitalize by using this campaign to turn the new owner's lack of motivation of owning new property into an opportunity. Lack of interest serves as motivation to rid themselves of the home, and patient investors can capitalize.

Each Text, eMail and Direct Mail element is written in a sequence so each message reminds the home seller that you are truly interested in buying their property and that you’ve previously reached out to them.

We use an authentic approach to communicating where-as it seems like you're only mailing it to them.

 - Set it, and Forget it.

Details of our "Probate" Campaign

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