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Wait…should I have used their name? I certainly don’t want legal action. Let’s just say, don’t buy at “bulk warehouse stores” if you only need enough items for one person. You’re wasting money and possibly overshooting your mark, right? The same applies to marketing!

Regarding direct mail, I’ve always advised my clients to speak to each prospect INDIVIDUALLY. If you’re doing this, you’ll see much stronger results…and quite frankly, you won’t need to send out hundreds or thousands of mailers to get a response. You’ll feel heard, because you’re speaking your clients' language. Your responses will be stronger, because the message resonates. What does this mean? Mail to the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

You can market effectively to ONE, or TEN, or TWENTY FIVE this way, rather than (shhh...) the Costco method of mailing to the entire “haystack” to get a response from one or a couple “needles”. JUST MAIL TO THE NEEDLES!

Shameless Plug

It’s always been difficult to send mail to very small lists. Why? Direct mail companies go to great lengths to set up your mailer. So, they have minimums to account for this. They lose money if you only send one…or twenty. NOT SO with PRINTgenie. What are their minimums? ONE. You won’t always want to send only one postcard or letter..but when you do, you can.

Go open your largest mailing list RIGHT NOW and find one person whom you’d like to send a letter to. Figure out what you’d say to them, based on your data. Save the Costco haystack for another day…or another marketer. You’ve already FOUND your needle!


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