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You remember those tunes, don’t you? The dude never had a hit in his life, then BAM…he knocks a song out of the park, straight up the charts…and just as quickly, he vanishes back into the mist. We never hear from him again. What else did they do? Huh.

Well, don’t let your marketing be a one-hit-wonder. Many of these artists made an entire career off that one, huge song and they never worried about money again. They’re still earning royalties off that banger. You? One postcard or letter sent one time won’t keep paying the bills… no matter how many people you send it to.

What you need, on the other hand, is a steady flow of authentic communication to the prospects you’ve deemed worthy. The "Rule of Seven" in marketing states you need to “touch” someone seven times before their interest is at its peak and they’re ready to reach back out in your direction. This is why many campaigns are built for seven or more print “touches”.

I’ve sat across the table from countless marketers who told me the last postcard they sent didn’t work. I always bite my tongue. The key to marketing is continuity and consistency. Pick your area, build your list, clean it…plan your message, then KEEP conveying this message. Over and over again. The real estate agents who never stop communicating with their markets will always beat out those who try to be a one-hit-wonder. The roofers and solar companies who relentlessly reach out to their target area will see more customers than those who take out an ad once and move on, thinking it didn’t work. Your message is conveyed over TIME. You never know when your prospects will need your services. Be there when they do. The secondary benefit of consistently conveying your message is Your credibility increases as you keep conveying. People believe the message that they keep hearing. The first time they hear it? They’re skeptical.

Here’s something to try: Take a piece of paper and list out your perfect message to your target area. Do you offer 25% off? AWESOME. Oh, there’s a tax credit that makes it all worthwhile? GREAT. How many different ways can you say that over time? Try it and see. List out the different ways you can convey the same underlying message in a new way while adding in some other little tidbit that your prospects didn’t know. You have how many trucks or employees? You’ve sold how many homes in their area?

Talk to your prospects often, convey the important message always and give something new each time and you’ll eventually dominate that marketplace. You will be a spark of creativity. Until then, you know you’re setting yourself up for being more than a one-hit-wonder. Also, read this post.


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