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WHERE DO YOU GET THAT “SPARK OF CREATIVITY?” need to market your business. Whether you’re a roofer, a real estate agent, a mortgage broker, a home improvement contractor or anything in between, you ultimately need to get your message out to people who could and should utilize your services…but what to say? What to do? How to do it? You’re not in marketing, that’s not your profession. How do you get that spark of marketing creativity that ignites the opportunity of your future sales? How do you figure out what, exactly, to do…that will differentiate you from your competitors and enamor people with your incredible opportunity?

maiWell, the short answer is: YOU DON’T. Don’t spend time waiting for creative genius. It’s not your forté. Instead? Look for a bulb, flame or spark that’s already lit! Let’s do the wonder: You could spend hours, days, weeks or even years waiting for that burst of creative magnitude…the epiphany that changes EVERYTHING. Or, you can do what you do best and turn your head…go on, try it now…turn your head, and find one of the gazillion sparks, flames or lit bulbs already created by the geniuses who do this for a living. I dare say, pretty much every industry has gurus. Find one. Maybe you don’t necessarily need a diehard expert to navigate the rocky terrain of marketing your company. Maybe you only need to partner with a company that offers pre-created templates, ripe for the choosing, for your needs…postcards, Direct mails, letters. Some printing companies will provide templated content, ready for choosing and deploying. Every print company I’ve partnered with for the last 2+ decades has offered templates for industries just like yours. (Psst…PRINTgenie has this in spades.)

The Hard Truth

It’s true, marketing geniuses walk the earth. Let me be blunt. Chances are, you aren’t one of them. Your strength is action, and specifically, the actions you normally take that keep your business moving forward. You sell homes or you build additions. You fund loans or you put solar panels on roofs. You get the idea. The smartest marketing guru on the planet probably didn’t install solar panels on her own roof…no, chances are she hired someone to do it so she could focus on providing the world with the glorious marketing revelations with which she is gifted. You need to follow her example and stick to your core competencies. Look to experts to help with needs that fall outside the scope of your expertise.

OK…homework time. I want you to sit down with a cup of your favorite morning brew and jot down the THREE marketing “things” that you would benefit the most from having as “templates”…already created content, ready to just pick and send…no creating, no endless hours of trying to be the marketer that you aren’t. Once you’ve done this, pause and enjoy the rest of your beverage…then remember this: Those Direct mails and templates are out there, ready for you. All you have to do is find them! Follow the spark! To read about Funnel system click here.


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