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I's a silly question. Nobody walks up to the line and tosses all their darts in one throw. But...many marketers do just that. Sure, you're going to land something in or near the bullseye, but what are the percentages with a throw like that? In two decades of working with direct marketers, I've heard countless times, "I need a larger list." I'm here to tell you that what you need is a BETTER list, not necessarily a larger one.

Targeting beats blanketing ANY DAY. The best marketing reaches the people who need to hear it...only. It's difficult to find JUST those people, right? The better you can master this process of weeding out the unnecessary recipients of your marketing, the more sales you'll see. So, how does one go about targeting the right people? Work your data. Hone your list with specifics. Learn what attracted the customers you have, and find more of those people for your lists. Are they within walking distance of a current sale? Are they the same age as your best customers? Do they have the same basic income and assets? All these things and many more will allow you to pinpoint just the right individuals rather than casting a net and praying the right customers are swimming nearby.


Before you move on to your next blog or next task, go...take five minutes to study your existing customers. Write down the TOP THREE things about them that make them what you would call your "top tier" clients. Now...head to your next prospecting list and add those things to your criteria. Your list will shorten up, but it'll be PACKED full of opportunity. Then, if you need to, increase your records with people who also match your criteria and let's hit the mark like never before!


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