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Multi-Touch Marketing Made Simple!

Send Automated Direct Mail From your Desktop, Phone or CRM

No Minimums


Most Trusted Provider of Direct Mail Solutions


increase in conversion rates were achieved when adding personalized & targeted direct mail to your digital marketing

The Marketing game has changed. So has direct mail.

What is PRINTgenie?

PRINTgenie is an easy to use SaaS customer engagement platform that 
uses Direct Mail, Email & Text messaging







What if you could send all this for less than a latte?

google street view by printgenie
handwritten postcard by printgenie
handwritten letter by printgenie
handwritten and personalized greeting cards by printgenie
Handwritten yellow letter hq by printgenie

Pre-Loaded, Industry specific Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns 

Say goodbye to generic messaging. Say hello to individual targeting.


Pick Mail Template or Campaign

Gain access to our ever-growing library of pre-created postcards and letters & Multi-Touch Campaigns. Our pros have created copy and designs with call to actions that will increase your response rate. Simply find the one that matches your target audience and click send!

  • Built in mail merge variables

  • Automatically adds your photos & logos

  • Pre-built with call-to-actions 

Take the guesswork & hassle out of your marketing. Everything is "Done-For-You."


50% Referral Payout For Life!

Join the new revolutionary new way to send Direct Mail and earn on it big time! Simply share our massive direct mail library and or make your own in our Design Studio. 

  • Pick your favorite industry, or start a new one

  • Create & share your own PRINTstore

  • Great for for any CRM

Use our drag & drop direct mail template builder to easily create your own mailers. Easily add personal variable tags such as "First Name," "Property Address," and more...

Graphic Designer

Trigger Automation From CRM

Adding direct mail to your workflow has never been easier. No Zapier required. Simply copy & paste any mailer into your CRM workflow.

  • Pay on demand

  • No Minimums

  • Track status 

It's never easy to manage your marketing while your doing the heavy lifting of running a business. In just a few clicks you can add direct mail into your automations with our webhook integration.

From a single piece of mail, to multiple touchpoints.


Direct Mail




Seamless integration with your CRM

Leads come from your CRM, data center, county, mobile app, and dozens of other places. 

There is no reason to export and import them into PRINTgenie. Let our automation happen at night, while you’re sleeping. Our seamless integration makes it a breeze. There is no heavy lifting or extra effort. Set up your automation to trigger a single mailer, or an 8 month multi-touch drip campaign. 
Simply copy & paste your favorite mailer.

Your leads will be funneled into the appropriate lists and campaigns so your message reflects the data coming in.


Try it out. Get a sample campaign delivered.

PRINTgenie is an omnichannel marketing platform that is tailor-made for small business owners on the go - Helping nimble teams grow their sales, not their workload.

Simply search over 180 million properties or tap on the map. Gain access to property details such as home value, taxes, and structure.

• Instant Skiptracing and find the owner's Phone & Email.

• Take a photo or use Google Street view.

• Send a multi-touch campaign that includes Text, Email & Direct Mail to 1-300 nearest neighbors with one click from your phone.

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Take PRINTgenie with you on the road. 

Nearest Neighbor Radius Mailer
Find property details & market to any homeowner.


Adding Direct Mail to coordinated Omnichannel campaigns

Say Hello to Automation!

Easily Add PRINTgenie Mailers To Your CRM Workflow

handwritten letter by printgenie
handwritten postcard by printgenie
handwritten and personalized greeting cards by printgenie
Handwritten yellow letter hq by printgenie
google street view by printgenie
workflow highlevel-V01.png

Just wanted to text and say that the software/platform you've created with PRINTgenie really is life-changing. Over the last few weeks as I've built out my new foreclosure, probate, and ugly homes ebooks campaigns the flexibility and ease of use to create custom marketing pieces is just a game changer. I'm excited to see where this gets me this year and just wanted to say thank you for everything you do for us to help to grow our businesses!!!

~ Tim Hales


Start FREE and instantly
Set your marketing on auto-pilot!

With over 2 decades of experience in direct response marketing, we’ve built your one-stop marketing site.

Highest converting Postcards, Letters & Greeting Cards are all ready to send and deploy from your desktop, phone or CRM.



Automate Your Marketing

Simply copy & paste the webhook on any of your favorite mailers. Send single piece direct mail or multi-touch campaigns automatically. Send to just one person or an entire list.


We've Done The Work For You!

Choose from 100's of pre-written direct mail templates and dozens of campaigns. Or, Make your own with our easy to use drag and drop template builder!


Access To Hundreds Of Postcards, Letters, Greeting Cards

Gain access to our library of Pre-Created postcards and letters. Our pros have created copy and designs that will create authentic relationships and build trust. Simply find the one that matches your target audience and add to your workflow automation.


Direct mail innovations can bridge the gap between print and digital,
engaging customers on multiple channels

Select From Dozens Of Pre-Designed Multi-Touch Campaigns

Start with one of our industries, or make your own!


We work with the industry's best copywriters and designers for optimum response. You don't have to do anything but click a few buttons and your Multi-Channel campaign is automatically mailed out at precise intervals. All campaigns include Direct Mailing Services, Direct Mail Printing, Text & Email. Send any single mailer or campaign - No Minimum

Drag & Drop Multi-Channel Campaign Builder


Use our Drag & Drop Campaign Builder to easily create your own campaigns and drip intervals.

Add as much Direct Mail, eMail or Text messages as you wish.


Your campaign can be as little as one touch, one time, or be a multi-touch campaign that drops daily,

weekly, monthly, yearly... or as long as you like. It's up to you!


Choose from dozens of Pre-created campaigns or build your own from scratch with our

drag & drop Campaign builder.

12 Touch Campaign Sample | Printed & Mailed First Class to 1 person.

Sample Campaign
Sent to 1 contact: $2.75

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4

Printgenie multi channel touch campaign

The Pain

It has been proven that it takes at least 7 touches before someone will respond to your messages. Response rates increase exponentially the more a recipient needs your services.

Targeted marketing with the right message sent over time will simply increase your odds of getting a response. A potential sale is based on if and when they need you.


Lack of consistent marketing.

Limited resources, budget or expertise.

Over-saturated digital markets.

Compliance regulations.

Complicated implementation.

Time & Circumstance Change all Things!

Be there when they need you.

Order your very first Multi-Touch Campaign in less than 2 minutes!

80% of sales require 7 follow-up touches.
44% of sales reps give up after 1.

The most effective way to build authentic relationships is through consistent followup.

At night, while you're sleeping.

handwritten postcards and letters by printgenie

Access To Hundreds Of
Postcards, Letters Greeting Cards

Gain access to our library of Pre-Created postcards and letters. Our pros have created copy and designs that will create authentic relationships and build trust. Simply find the one that matches your target audience and click send!


No Minimums

Easy To Use Multi-Touch Small Business Marketing Automation Platform
Take the guesswork & hassle out of your marketing

greeting card - thank you-01.png

Design Your Own

Direct Mail

Upload your own artwork, or create mailers from scratch.


Write Your Own
Text & eMail

Clone ours, or create your own Text & eMail Campaigns


Create Your Own

Add any Mailer, Text Msg & eMail to a Campaign timeline.


Select From


Browse from hundreds of mailers & dozens of Campaigns


The Rule of Seven is an old marketing adage. It says that a prospect needs to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take action and buy from you. Now the number seven isn't cast in stone. The truth of the Rule of Seven is you can't just engage in a marketing activity and then be done.

Don't like our Mailers? No Problem!
Make your own & share them!

Drag & Drop Direct  Mail Builder

Use our drag & drop Direct Mail Template builder to easily create your own Mailers. Add up to 15 Personal Variable tags such as "First Name" "Property Address" and more...


Choose from over 100 Pre-written, customizable Postcards & Letter Templates. Duplicate ours, or build your own from scratch.


"I literally built my postcard and follow up letter in 15 mins. It was so easy! - I love the doodles :>"

Michele B, San Diego, CA


PRINTgenie is the best software platform for running multi-channel campaigns.

The most effective way to build authentic relationships is through consistent followup. 

Access Text & Email Scripts

Easily add any of our pre-created SMS Text or Email messages to any campaign. Duplicate ours or create your own including any mail merge tags you wish. Great for any marketer that wants to include digital communications with print.


"Adding my ownText and Email was so easy. Now a text goes out every time I send a campaign."

John Michael T, Miami, FL


Find Motivated Sellers In Any Market, Nationwide!

Our data experts have pre-selected a dozen motivated seller filters for you to select from. No guessing is needed. Simply select your target market and we'll search over 180 million records and add them to your account. Add Skip Trace to any search with 90% accuracy.

No Minimums


No minimums! - Order as many as you wish

6 Easy Ways to Use PRINTgenie

PRINTgenie’s “Done For You” multi-channel platform is versatile enough for the seasoned marketer and simple to use for the newbie. Its “On-Demand” and automated solutions give any user a complete direct mail and marketing system - At home, or on the go.


Find Motivated Sellers

Search over 180 Million records with our Pre-Configured search tool including Skip trace.


"Done For You"
Direct Mail Templates

Select from 100's of
Postcards and Letters.

No Minimums!


"Done For You"
Multi-Channel Campaigns

Select from dozens of
Multi-Channel Campaigns.

No Minimums!


zapier Integration

Easily connect to your CRM or Send Dynamic Data While You Sleep.


Mobile App

Driving for Dollars. Send any postcard, letter or campaign or take a photo and mail.


Bulk Mail

Upload your list and schedule any postcard, letter or campaign.

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What if Mail was automatically triggered the instant there was a change in property details? 

What if you could set up dynamic data to trigger automatically,  and send mail while you sleep?

...In three easy steps!

One of the biggest mistakes that we see people make regarding Direct mail marketing is to send out just a few mailings and then quit.

It’s much more than Direct Mail. Its Direct Mail Marketing.

The Direct mail we send is called “campaigns.” It’s called a Campaign for a reason. It is very important to understand that your response rates will go up with subsequent and consistent mailings. You can ask Faqs about real estate queries.


When you include Text & eMail to your Direct Mail you're likely to quadruple your response. Some people will look at your mail piece for several months or a year before they call you. You want to be the one that is still mailing to these people when they finally become motivated. Printgenie is the best direct mail company for real estate.

You want to be “Top of Mind.”

 - Remember that time and circumstances change all things.

Sample Campaign Prices

Example Campaign