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Marketing made simple.

Automated Direct Mail, Text & Email Follow up Marketing from your Desktop, Phone, CRM or API

Welcome, RehabCEOs


As a Physical Therapist, you know that it's critical to nurture prospects and clients to increase conversions. But who has the time? We've partnered with PRINTgenie to make this not only super easy but highly effective!"

Dr. Robbie Woelkers


4.9 out of 5 stars in over 800 reviews

No Minimums

Envision a scenario where your marketing operates smoothly in the background, like a finely-tuned machine, while you focus on managing and growing your business. Sounds perfect, right? That's the advantage PRINTgenie brings to your marketing arsenal, solidifying its position as a true game-changer in the realm of direct response marketing.


Direct Mail

Join thousands of small businesses that trust and use our marketing solutions on a daily basis. Get all the tools you need to boost sales and generate leads.

Select from pre-created multi-touch campaigns or make your own using our easy drag and drop campaign workflows.

Omnichannel campaigns to boost sales and grow your business

SMS Text



Add as little as 1 contact to any workflow from your Desktop, Mobile, CRM or API


Real Estate Professional

Home Service Rep

Marketing Agency

Done for you multi-touch drip campaigns

PRINTgenie's "done for you" marketing campaigns are meticulously crafted by experts to ensure maximum effectiveness. By leveraging industry insights and proven strategies, these campaigns increase response rates and boost sales. Moreover, they're designed for ease of use, eliminating the need for any technical or marketing expertise on your part. Simply put, with PRINTgenie, you get the benefits of a professional campaign without the hassle or learning curve.

Pre-Loaded, Industry specific Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns 

What if you could send all this for less than the cost of a latte?

To as little as one contact!

handwritten and personalized greeting cards by printgenie
Handwritten yellow letter hq by printgenie

Automated Follow up Marketing from your Desktop, Phone or CRM

Buying a House

Discover how PRINTgenie is making a difference for Physical Therapists

"Talk about "Set it and Forget it" - This is a total game changer for my business. With PRINTgenie, you can send the right message to the right people at the right time. No more big bulk mail hoping it works!"


Select from Dozens of Pre-Created Drip Campaigns

Save time & money, and engage customers with drip marketing campaigns and more.

"No Minimums" - Send multi-touch campaigns to just one contact!

Campaign Library

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Say Hello to Automation!

Easily Add PRINTgenie Mailers To Your RehabCEOs CRM Workflow

Simply Copy/Paste our Webhook. No Zapier required!

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handwritten postcard by printgenie
handwritten and personalized greeting cards by printgenie

Access To Hundreds Of
Postcards, Letters Greeting Cards

Gain access to our library of Pre-Created postcards and letters. Our pros have created copy and designs that will create authentic relationships and build trust. Simply find the one that matches your target audience and click send!


No Minimums

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PRINTgenie is an omnichannel marketing platform that is tailor-made for small business owners on the go - Helping nimble teams grow their sales, not their workload.

Simply search over 180 million properties or tap on the map. Gain access to property details such as home value, taxes, and structure.

• Instant Skiptracing and find the owner's Phone & Email.

• Send a multi-touch campaign that includes Text, Email & Direct Mail with one click from your phone.

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Take PRINTgenie with you on the road. 

Instantly add a new client to a nurturing campaign!


We make it easy to market effectively.
Everything you need - all in one place


Quick Start Guide

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